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“As Christians we often forget the choice we have each day to experience the joy of the Lord. In How to be Happy…from the Heart of God Linda Berry draws on Scripture to remind us of the meaning of true happiness and how we can choose contentment regardless of our circumstances. Your heart will overflow with gladness and gratitude while reading this beautiful devotional.”

Chris Hodges

Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Author of Fresh Air and Four Cups


How to be Happy…from the Heart of God is a self-inspired daily celebration of over one hundred happy Old and New Testament spiritual promises with practical application. Heaven and earth will collide everyday as readers are encouraged and equipped to increase positive thinking, nurture a winsome spirit, reduce stress, build faith, improve relationships with Christ, family, and friends, and discover life God’s way.


Each daily promise, passage, prayer, plan, and praise will set the reader on a solid foundation for the day and end the day in a spirit of joy and thankfulness.


Each daily “action plan” introduces:


  • the PROMISE – A happy promise from old or new scripture. Study the PROMISE, memorize the PROMISE, ask how this verse applies to your life.
  • the PASSAGE – This is the take away; an encouraging word, a bit of history, a leadership lesson, a warning, an instruction, an invitation, explanation or assurance.
  • the PRAYER – commit what God has revealed to you from the Promise in prayer.
  • the PLAN – based upon what has been revealed to you, write out at least one action point that you would like to complete before the day’s end.
  • the PRAISE – an attitude of gratitude! Throughout the day and at the end of the day jot down all of today’s big and small blessings.


How to be Happy…from the Heart of God encourages readers to be aware of their happiness level by participating in the Spiritual Happiness Profile, a quick and easy assessment of where your happiness levels fall on a scale of one through seven.


Practice daily over fifty—and growing—suggested Habits of Happy by showing the love of Jesus to those around you. Acts of kindness build the bridge for others to receive a touch of love from God. When we give to others, we give to ourselves as well.